thumb imageIVIG (Intravenous Immune Globulin) is a medication given to patients who lack the ability to produce antibodies to adequately protect themselves from a disease or patients who make antibodies that do not function properly.

IVIG contains antibodies against a lot of common bacterial and viral diseases that people encounter on a daily basis. It is made from enriched plasma of thousands of blood donors throughout the United States. All products sold in the United States are made from carefully screened and tested donors in the United States. There are  strict regulations and guidelines regarding the production of IVIG in place that makes this medication a very safe medication.

IVIG infusion is given primarily as replacement therapy for Primary Immune Deficiency or Secondary Immune Deficiency Disorders.

  • Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder is a medical condition that is inherited where a person’s immune system does not function properly, mostly through an inflammatory response where the body tends to attack itself.
  • Secondary Immune Deficiency Disorder is a condition that is acquired. The patient’s ability to defend the body against an infection is weakened or compromised.

To treat such health conditions, IVIG has been clinically approved by the FDA for several clinical conditions. The medical doctor makes the final diagnosis through a series of test and exams which can take weeks to months before the final diagnosis is done.

IVIG can be given in the doctor’s office, the clinic, the hospital, or your own home with the help of Abide Health Solution LLC – a trusted provider of home infusion therapy services.

To arrange for treatment in your home, please give us a call at 609-288-6116. Our nurses are specially trained and experienced in the administration of IVIG to treatment Primary and Secondary Immune Deficiency Disorders.

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