IV Antibiotics

thumb imageAntibiotics are medications ordered by a medical doctor to treat an infection. There are many different kinds of antibiotics and they work in different ways to get rid of an infection. The doctor determines if a patient will receive intravenous antibiotics.

The intravenous method is the route of choice if the infection is serious and needs to be treated quickly. Intravenous antibiotics are delivered directly into the blood stream making it an extremely effective means of treating a serious infection. Some patients are stable enough that they don’t have to stay in or be at the hospital to receive their antibiotic treatment. The patient’s doctor is responsible for making that decision. The doctor writes the order and contacts a pharmacy. The pharmacy works in collaboration with their nursing department or a nursing agency. The nursing department or nursing agency is responsible for administering the antibiotic and responsible for teaching the patient and the people in the patient’s support system all there is to know about safely administering the antibiotic at home.

The process of receiving antibiotic therapy or self-administering antibiotic therapy at home is very safe and can be administered by nursing staff from Abide Health Solution LLC.

The patient will have all resources available to them; the Pharmacy staff, the Nursing Department of the Pharmacy or the Agency and the Medical Doctor who ordered the medication will always be available to clarify any misunderstanding and answer any questions that arise during the process.

Please contact 609-288-6116 if you are a candidate to receive IV Antibiotic at home.

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